age sections



We name the first stage in our scouting family "Beavers". This stage is the youngest age group (children between 3 to 7 years). We name the troop colony, and the colony is divided into three lodges: brown tails (3 to 4 years), blue tails (4 to 6 years), Whitetails (6 years to 7 years). In Watad group, Beavers learn and gain knowledge throughout informal education, by developing skills and gaining knowledge through the adventures which are led by the leaders. We consider Beavers' activities are an attractive and fun experience that does not seem like homework. For us it's all about learning throughout practice, learning from mistakes, experimenting with new experiences throughout a safe and supportive environment.

Cubs and daises


We name the second stage “Cubs and Daises. it was for children between 7 and 12 years (Daises for girls, Cubs for boys). Lord Baden-Powell began to develop appropriate programs for this troop, which correspond to their characteristics, meet their needs, and rely on a symbolic educational framework full of imagination and suspense to instill educational values in children beginning from their childhood. 

Boys and girls


We name the third stage "Boys and Girls". It includes adolescents from both genders aged 1 2 to 15 years. Each phase has its activities, programs, and curriculum that fit the characteristics of the growth phase. Implementing the programs is following the system of personal progress, which is based on the scout method, as a distinctive method of education based on stimulating the abilities of individuals and their active participation in learning and decision-making. 

Venturers and Venturer girls


The Venturers' section is full of activity and vitality. It is the fourth stage in which the members of the scout movement exercise concepts, traditions, values, and discoveries of the scout movement throughout the wide outlook. it is a stage for framing and stabilizing all the outputs and objectives that have been worked on during all stages of scouting. This stage includes adolescents aged  15 to 18 years. As a group, we work to achieve balanced development with youth by taking care of their social growth, which is about interacting with others and society, appreciating relationships with others, self-expression, honesty, effectiveness, respect for different viewpoints, being aware of the problems of their societies and contributing as much as they can. 

Rovers and pathfinders

it's the youth from both genders over the age of 18 years. It is considered the phase of achieving goals. It is the last phase in which a member goes out to the scout movement to work in the society as an active citizen. This phase tends to implement everything that the Rover and Pathfinder had learned in all previous phases. This stage aims to provide young people with more experience and opportunities to build a strong and effective generation as well as develop leadership skills to work with children