watad group

OUR MISSION - Why we exist

As a part of the global scouting movement, the mission of Watad Group is to contribute to the education of young people, through a value system based on the Scout Promise and Law, to help build a better world where people are self-fulfilled as individuals and play a constructive role in society.

OUR VISION - Where we want to go

In its role as an effective development force, Watad Group has an ultimate goal that it tests in its vision of "building a community by empowering youth to become leaders of positive change and messengers of peace in their communities."

OUR VALUES – What we want to apply

OUR STRATEGIC PRIORITIES - how we will get there?

- Youth Engagement:

Watad Group believes that it must allow youth to develop their skills and capabilities and enable them to play an active role in their communities in addition to the appreciation and exchange of the experiences between generations, which are our keys to providing a chance for our youth members.


- Non-Formal Educational Method:

It’s the educational means that we use in our approach. It’s able to provide an informal educational environment to enhance the ability of youth to face tomorrow's challenges, to attract, train, and follow up adult volunteers to develop youth programs.


- Diversity and Inclusion:

Watad Group believes that it must represent the communities in which it exists and works actively to welcome all individuals without discrimination, and this diversity should not only be reflected in the membership but should also be reflected in the methods and programs used in our work.


- Social Impact:

Scouts should participate in community service and exchange experiences with others to inspire them. Therefore, Watad group contributes to this process in the beneficiaries’ communities to become leaders of positive change.


 - Communication and external relations:

Watad Group must accurately visualize what it does, reflecting shared values in social work, using the most influential communication methods as well as engaging in strategically relevant partnerships.


- Governance:

Watad group believes that our governance process must be transparent, effective, and linked to the values and our strategy is comprehensive and focuses on achieving our mission and vision.


Also, our roles and responsibilities should be structured, defined, and clearly understood at various levels, ensuring a beneficiary-focused approach. In doing so, we ensure high synergy across all levels of WATAD with a high “return on investment”.


- Humanity: We must shine the spotlight and not neglect human suffering wherever it exists. The goal of humanitarian action is to protect life and human health and ensure respect for people.


- Integrity: Humanitarian action must be carried out based on human needs only, giving priority to urgent needs in adversity. Focusing on non-discrimination based on identity, race, gender, religious belief, or political opinion.


- Independence: The humanitarian action must be devoid of political, economic, military actions, or any other goals that the representatives of our work may carry on.



- Neutrality: Humanitarian action should not be set aside in any conflict or be involved in any conflict related to the political, ethnic, religious, or related to the ideology.