For us, the family is the core and the main focal point and the strongest influence on the communities that we are targeting in our intervention. This is what we arranged for us to design an intervention line parallel to the work with children line targeting parents, family members, and other caregivers working in school teams, educational ensembles, members of municipalities, and various committees in the local community.

Awareness Raising

We are working to increase the understanding of parents and caregivers of the relationship between rights and responsibilities and encouraging them to exercise their rights. We are helping them to appreciate their responsibilities and their role as parents in providing an environment that preserves and protects children's rights.

Through awareness-raising sessions and activities we sought to let parents review their beliefs and attitudes about education and to develop their understanding of the needs of their sons and daughters, as well as to enhance their understanding of children's protection rights.

Positive Parenting Program 

We are working to provide parenting sessions for caregivers in Douma, Al-Duwair, and Al-Zabadani regions to provide children with better opportunities in education and equality between them.

Through the sessions, we promote the most important issues related to parenting skills, from investigating sources of strength, reducing psychological tension, dealing with frustration and anger, raising children in difficult times, positive attention, and effective discipline.

Child Protection Committees

Child protection committees are joint strategic local partnerships between the agencies responsible for designing, developing, implementing, and evaluating a child protection policy in regions. As one of the forms of expanding our service scope, we are working on a network of protection services providers in the pursuit of creating an appropriate context related to a local community's sensitivity to protection issues and advocating against violations and able to develop effective self-protection mechanisms.

By organizing influential and key people in the communities within protection committees, we have a group of carers, educators, and influencers who understand their role and responsibilities in building a protected environment to prevent and monitor violations at the protection level while ensuring that they can respond to them.